Physical therapy is a holistic and patient-centred approach focusing on the manual treatment of the soft tissue – muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and analysing the effect of spinal and joint impact. Therapists use highly skilled, hands-on techniques to diagnose, prevent or treat underlying conditions and problems. It is based on health science principles and works alongside other health care practices.

Physical therapy treatments are founded on a tradition which recognises and values the healing properties of touch. It is proven as being very safe, non-invasive and is of course, drug free. Each treatment is individually tailored. The therapist, after carefully noting your history will consider psychological, social and environmental factors in devising a treatment plan and in suggesting appropriate changes to lifestyle, work practice or exercise.

L.E.A.F Physical therapy clinic also specialises in pitch side assistance and first aid for all sports at all levels. GAA, Rugby, soccer and all sports catered for with an expert level in professional taping.


Common Musculoskeletal conditions treated:

O.A (Arthritis)


Repetitive strains

Back pain


Elbow & shoulder pain

Hip & knee

Ankle sprain

Plantar fasciitis

Chronic pain


Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Sports Injuries

Muscle tears & strains

Sprained ligaments

Groin strain

Runner’s knee / Jumpers knee

Achilles tendonitis

Shin splints


Neurological Conditions


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Trapped Nerves



Pre and post surgery treatment

Post surgery rehabilitation


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Physical therapy treatments are suitable treatment for all age groups – children to senior citizens.

ACL rehabilitation.

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